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Click here to view my repositories on Github. These are projects made outside of my normal work day - experiments made as I scratch my own itch.

libraries / tools / experiments

basket modelling exercise

This is a little object oriented domain modelling exercise.


Tool for mirroring git repositories locally.

git access layer

Library that invokes git command and parses it's stdout output into PHP structures using regex'es. Thanks to it you can interpret output of git commands programmatically more easily.


Zend View inspired PHP library - view layer for micro websites. Useful when you want to keep your views/templates separate from your logic but don't wish to use full blown PHP framework.


Made for my family and colleagues


Many neat things about this website could be described, but bezier curve based animation turned out quite nice.


This website is backed by custom-made sonata-like (or gutenberg-like) website block builder editable from CMS-side.